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Nagoya Auto Trend 2017

Introducing one of the biggest automotive shows in Japan. This is where the best of the best takes center stage to show off their after-market car parts and modifications, both on the inside and the outside. You’ll see some amazing paint jobs, body mods, as well as bear witness to the beautiful power and engineering under the hoods.

Hand-Carved Nissan GTR Gold (Powered by PlatinumPlus JapanWifiBuddy)

Lights, Camera, Action!

Bring your camera and bring an ultraportable laptop, if you have one; you’re going to want to take hundreds, maybe even thousands, of photos of all the cars at the show. The perfect companion to every attendee, though is a Japan Wi-Fi Buddy, a Japan Wi-Fi router rental. This way, you and your friends can access a strong internet connection, wherever you go. You can’t be stuck with limited internet capabilities. Slow internet will make sharing photos and videos much slower or even impossible.

The best way to ensure you have the best opportunities to take all the shots you want while at Nagoya Auto Trend is to secure an early access pass the day before the show. You can then get all the shots you want without worrying about moving through crowds, ruined shots, bad angles, and so forth.

Guaranteed Fun

If you’re into cutting edge car technology and engineering, fantastic and creative body mods and paint jobs, then you must visit the Nagoya Auto Trend. Even if you can’t get an early access pass, you’ll love the atmosphere with so many passionate car enthusiasts, beautiful models presenting cars and accessories, plus plenty of great autoshow souvenirs. This is an event that would be fun for all ages and levels of car knowledge. There is a lot to be appreciated here, from the awesome staging of the cars on the show floors, the level of dedication on display by the drivers, all the way down to the finer details that go into the paint jobs and body frames.

Sim Card vs WifiBuddy (Pocket Wifi) in Japan : Which one is best?

We get this question VERY often!

"Which is better for me, sim card, or pocket wifi?"

There are plenty of points to take into account, but for the majority of people we talk to, it actually turns out to be more beneficial to rent a pocket wifi.

Sim Card vs Pocket Wifi in Japan...which is easiest?

Generally speaking, there are a few major differences and a few advantages that Wifi routers have over sim cards:

1) Sim cards require your phone to be unlocked, and require some settings changes, while connecting to a WifiBuddy is as simple as connecting to any wifi network back home. I've heard a lot of horror stories from people thinking their phone was unlocked but it turned out to be incompatible with the network in Japan, etc.

2) Generally speaking, sim card's data plans are comparatively restrictive. There's nothing like our Platinum and PlatinumPlus plans (not even offered by other Wifi Router companies!), which, starting Feb 2, 2017 will offer 100GB of LTE-speed data per month, and beastly speeds.

3) When wanting to connect multiple devices, tethering to one phone can be bothersome. Not just because it's hard on the battery life of the broadcasting phone (requiring you to keep it connected to another battery, requiring more wires and mess!), but because all the connected devices are bottlenecked by that device's speeds. A WifiBuddy has it's own connection and broadcasting built-in, so everyone can experience solid speeds while sharing one.

Keep all of the group's devices connected simply and easily with a JapanWifiBuddy!

4) We pride ourselves on having new devices with high speeds. This makes running multiple devices at satisfying speeds a lot easier than other methods. Older wifi models can't offer speeds as high, and many rental sim cards are running on networks borrowed from other networks, which are borrowed from other networks, so their speeds aren't prioritized.

We provide free 5-day shipping and free return shipping as well. We're able to provide overnight shipping to your hotel or local address as well if you need! We also include a free backup battery to extend battery life another 3-5 hours to 8-15 hours, depending on the device and how many devices are connected.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns!