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Freedom. Stay connected wherever you go in Japan!
Price & Currencies. Best prices available, and we accept 135 currencies!
Security. Keep your data safe with your own personal network!
Unlimited Connection. No overage fees on any plans!
Flexibility. Customize your plan to cover your specific travel dates, and connect up to 10 users with a WifiBuddy!
Service. Native English support that’s easily accessible!

Why choose a
JapanWifiBuddy Sim/eSim?

Our eSims get you connected to the internet the moment the plane lands. Powered by Japan’s most powerful networks, we offer dazzling data speeds with tremendous data allowances too. Whether you’re coming to Japan for a weekend or for a year, we’ve got you covered.

What is Pocket Wifi?

A Pocket Wifi router is a small mobile device that provides a Wifi network. Connect your phones, tablets and laptops to the pocket wifi router just like you'd connect to any other wireless network.

Powered by Japan's fastest mobile networks, these pocket wifi routers work virtually wherever your travels through Japan take you. Just slip it into your backpack and you and your group have your own secure private network wherever you go!

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eSim Quick Setup Guide

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What's the Right Data Plan for My Trip to Japan?

How do I
Rent or Purchase?


Place an order through our best-in-class website.


Receive your device or card at the airport or hotel, or your e-Sim via email.


Enjoy Japan while being online with friends and family!


Sim cards and eSims require no further steps, but we provide return shipping for WifiBuddies so you can pop it in a mailbox on your way out of Japan.

How much
are the plans?

15 Days


15GB total LTE data allowance
  • Net connection the moment you land
  • Super fast and easy setup
  • Ultra-broad coverage across Japan
  • Pay with 135 different currencies []
  • Up to 99% coverage of Japan
16 Days


60GB total LTE data allowance
  • Japan’s Most Powerful Sim Cards
  • Super fast and easy setup
  • Ultra-broad coverage across Japan
  • Pay with 135 different currencies []
  • Easily tether to share data

from $85

  • Unlimited Data with 3GB/Day of 4G/LTE
  • Speeds up to 187.5 Mbps
  • Ultra-broad coverage across Japan
  • Connect up to 10 devices
  • Pay with 135 different currencies []

All Prices are listed in US Dollars, but click here to see a list of all international currencies we accept so you can avoid international fees! (Selectable at checkout.)

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Thousands of customers from all around the world have loved their experience with JapanWifiBuddy.

Why JapanWifiBuddy

Best Plans

Our plans prioritize your needs, delivering optimal value and data allowance to keep you connected throughout your stay in Japan.

Our plans cater to all users, from budget-conscious individuals requiring email on-the-go, to power users who can’t go without streaming!
Best Prices

We haven't found any plans that offer better value for your money than ours. If you come across one, please inform us!
Our checkout process is also incredibly simple and straightforward.

Native English Support

Our friendly support team is on standby to support you with your WifiBuddy rental or purchase, questions or concerns. Looking forward to serving you during your time in Japan!

Flexible Payment Options

We currently offer support of 135 different currencies, making checkout a breeze no matter where you are in the world, and helping you to avoid international credit card fees.

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