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JapanWifiBuddy provides affordable Pocket Wifi Routers for rent In Japan.

Our powerful mobile wifi routers will keep you connected to the fastest networks in Japan for the lowest prices!

The best prices for the best Pocket Wifi devices available in Japan. We've helped thousands of travelers during their time in Japan. Feel free to check out our reviews by clicking here! 

Staying online in Japan isn't easy, but we're here to help! Stay connected with a rental WifiBuddy!

  • FREEDOM!- Most travelers are shocked at how little safe and accessible wifi there is in Japan. But now the days of staying within a 50-foot radius of Starbucks are gone! Spread your wings, young one, and fly. You're free. 
  • PRICE! - Best prices ever. Let us know if you find better ones! 
  • SECURITY! - Getting hacked on vacation is no fun. Carry around your own network so you don't have to worry. 
  • UNLIMITED CONNECTION! - Overage charges are also no fun. That's why we don't have 'em. 
  • FLEXIBILITY & SERVICE! - Get in touch with us any time and we'll get back to you in plain ol' English quickly, whether you're considering renting from us, or you need help while you're here. 

    Easier than Pie - The WifiBuddy Rental Process

    1. Make an order through our website!
    2. Receive your WifiBuddy at your airport or hotel/accommodation! We have free 5-day shipping as well as expedited shipping options. 
    3. Enjoy Japan while being online with your whole group! 
    4. Pop it all back in the included self-addressed envelope and send it back to us!

    Got a question? Shoot us an email and we'll get back to you soon! 



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