The Platinum Pocket Wifi Buddy

Platinum Pocket Wifi Buddy Japan
  • Up to 14 hours of battery life [?]
    Stay connected to your world for the entire day!
  • 2GB of LTE-speed data per day
    Up to 150Mbps download speed at optimum conditions
  • Outstanding coverage throughout Japan
    99%+ coverage of Japan
  • Connect upto 10 devices simultaneously
    Connect your existing smartphones, tablets or computers!
from $ 64.0
Free Shipping & Returns
Free Extra Rechargable Battery backup
True Unlimited data. Never worry about overage charges
Carry around your own secure network
More affordable prices compared to the competition
Superior Customer Service & Response times

What's in the Box

Mobile Backup battery
Pocket Wifi Buddy device
AC Adaptor & cables
Protective pouch
Return Envelope

Reviews for Platinum Pocket Wifi Buddy

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IMMANUEL M. | | 17 January 2020
Platinum WiFi
Worked great. But how do you know how much data you’ve used? Also, the battery consumption/ charging fluctuated dramatically at times. It would be helpful to provide the directions to optimally charge the unit.

PAUL K. | | 16 January 2020
Great experience
The pocket WiFi made this trip much better. We had no issues the whole time, Internet speed was very fast

NICOLAS L. | | 12 January 2020
Very useful
Always connected quickly, extra battery was useful. Great product

Hannah W. | | 08 January 2020
Great service and great device
The Platinum WifiBuddy was perfect for our two week trip to Japan. The employees were also super friendly and communicated everything we needed to know about pick-up prior to our trip. We were a group of two people using the device mostly for web searches and mapping directions (rarely streaming audio or video). For the most part we had a fast connection throughout our entire trip and managed to get by without even needing a sim card. We had some minor issues with slow connections in rural/underground or very crowded areas but it was never for an extended period of time. If we visit Japan again we would rent this same device from JapanWifiBuddy again in a heartbeat!

JASON M. | | 07 January 2020
Easy pickup, setup, operation, and drop off.
I picked up the package from the post office at Narita Airport, turned it on, logged in using the sticker on the back of the device, and was on the internet. We kept it on and used it everyday and all day (running 4 phones) and the battery still had around 20% left by 10pm at night. Charge it up overnight and it's ready to go again the next day. An external battery was included but we never needed it. Service was great the whole time in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Hiroshima. At the end of the trip we put everything into the included preaddressed envelope and dropped it in the post box at the Haneda Airport International Departures Lobby. It couldn't have been easier or better. We'll use WifiBuddy next time we visit Japan. Thanks!