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  • Choose from flexible short-term plans to economical long-term plans.
    Enjoy the best value depending on how long you're travelling.
  • High-speed LTE data.
    With download speeds up to 150 Mbps [?]
  • Runs on Japan's well-known Docomo network
    Powerful network with excellent coverage throughout Japan
  • No return necessary
    Once you’re done with the card, just throw it away, or keep it as a memory of your amazing time in Japan :)

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Airport pickup / Hotel delivery available

Simple Setup - No activation.
Install and go!
Unlimited data.
No Cutoff!
More affordable prices compared to the competition
24/7 Native English Support helpline

Generous Data Plans for Power Users.

JapanWifiBuddy offers the most generous data plans, starting at 30GB per 8-days, providing unmatched bang-for-buck. Stream, voice chat, upload or download all to your heart's content without any worries of network speed cuts or the fine print often associated with "unlimited" plans.
Subject to AU’s “Fair Use Policy” - See Terms of Service for more info.

$ 49

30GB total LTE allowance

$ 69

60GB total LTE allowance

$ 89

90GB total LTE allowance

$ 99

120GB total LTE allowance

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DARWIN G. | | 6-day Unlimited SIM Card | 25 June 2019
Sim card
I have t mobile in the states and not all apps worked over there with the internet ,this sim card made it all happen I loved it

XIANG W. | | 6-day Unlimited SIM Card | 25 June 2019
Excellent Service
Overall it was excellent service. Only issue, instruction was not clear to an iPhone 6 +, it was not able to connect to network

karim D. | | 12-day Unlimited SIM Card | 25 June 2019
Everything was good
Everything was good

AMELIA B. | | 18-day Unlimited SIM Card | 25 June 2019
Worked great
Only thing that confused me was I was picking up the sim cards from a post office at the airport, not a Japan wifi buddy office. Instructions to set up for android were slightly different than how my Google pixel actually worked, but it was still super easy. The data was always super fast and I used it a lot. Would buy a sim card here again.

MICHAEL C. | | 12-day Unlimited SIM Card | 25 June 2019
Worked exactly as anticipated
I have no criticism. The sim cards were delivered to the airport post office as expected and the sim cards themselves performed to spec. Would buy again.

  • Requires a SIM Unlocked device. If your device is locked, please contact your carrier to unlock it.
  • We include thorough instructions, but swapping SIM cards requires some knowledge on your specific device, including access to optional tools that might be needed. Please look into setup for your specific device before leaving home for Japan.
  • Each card is available in nano size, making it compatible with almost all recent tablet and smart phone models. Please ensure your device supports this format or optionally purchase an adapter from us.
  • LTE/3G bands used:
    LTE: 2100MHz/1700MHz/1500MHz/800MHz
    WCDMA/HSDPA/HSUPA: 2100MHz/1700MHz/800MHz
  • These are data-only SIM Cards. Carrier-based voice calls and text messaging are NOT supported. However, data-based messaging and telephony solutions such as Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp, Line etc. are supported.

Please ensure that your device is compatible with our SIM cards.

JapanWifiBuddy is not responsible if your device has compatibility issues with our SIM Cards.

If you have doubts, please consider renting our Pocket Wifi devices instead, which support all Wifi-enabled devices.