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  • Choose from a variety of powerful and flexible plans.
    Enjoy the best value depending on how long you're travelling.
  • Unlimited Data and Amazing Speeds Available
    Experience excellent download speeds and coverage
  • Powered by Japan’s Docomo and Softbank Networks
    Powerful networks with the best coverage throughout Japan
  • No return necessary
    Once your trip is done, just switch back to your home country eSIM!

Immediate email delivery

Quick and Easy setup

Connect the moment you land!
Unlimited data plans available!
More affordable prices compared to the competition
24/7 Native English Support helpline

The Best Bang-for-your-Buck. Period.

JapanWifiBuddy offers a variety of eSim options, ranging from simple and super-affordable plans, all the way up to unlimited data plans with industry-leading speeds and coverage. Stream, voice chat, upload or download all to your heart’s content, staying connected to friends and family during your time in Japan.

For more information on installation, please see our HOW IT WORKS page. You’ll be emailed this information upon order completion as well.

If our regular plans don't meet your requirements, please feel free to contact us for more options

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CRAIG R. | | 10 December 2019
Wonderful Service and Connection
Device worked perfectly. Data service was never interrupted.

EDWARD T. | | 10 December 2019
Wifibuddy review
Worked perfect and I loved that the return envelope was included!

Karen L. | | 07 December 2019
WifiBuddy makes it so easy to reserve, pick-up and drop-off. Equipment is great and no problems ever! Thank you WifiBuddy!

JENNIFER Y. | | 06 December 2019
Diamond WifiBuddy
Pro Tip: order a wifibuddy! If you've scoured the internet about pro tips, one of them is to order a portable wifi -- that's because not a lot of restaurants/public places with free wifi. From ordering, pick up, and drop off - the process was very easy and convenient. We picked up the wifibuddy @ the aiprort, the package came with a return envelope, extra portable charger, and wires. The downside is the battery life but if you bring an extra portable charger, you're good to go! The connection was great! We traveled to Kyoto, Hakone, and Tokyo. Didn't have an issue at all. Would highly recommend!

JUDY Z. | | 26 November 2019
Great Rental Experience
The entire process of renting from JapanWifiBuddy was so convenient! Picking it up at the airport post office was easy and everything was packaged into a zip up pouch. Wifi speeds were fast too.

Quick Setup Guide

  • Requires a SIM Unlocked device with esim capability. If your device is locked, please contact your carrier to unlock it.
  • We include thorough instructions, via email, through our website and with customer service.
  • These are data-only SIM Cards. Carrier-based voice calls and text messaging are NOT supported. However, data-based messaging and telephony solutions such as Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp, Line etc. are supported.
  • To avoid provider validation complications, in some cases when users order far ahead of their actual trip, we will send a confirmation email, with a separate QR code later on, closer to the departure date.