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Diamond WifiBuddy

Best purchase for the trip!
The experience with WifiBuddy was seamless. Easy to order, cost-effective, and worked well. Arrived at my hotel and it was waiting for me along with a back-up battery and envelope to mail back (easy to use the post office at Narita Airport). The charge lasted most or all of the day depending on use and having the back-up battery on hand was helpful. We only had an issue one day where coverage was spotty and had to reboot and then it was fine.
New York, New York
11 September 2017
Diamond WifiBuddy

Great Experience
Japan wifibuddy was a great service for our trip to Japan. The pocket wifi pickup was very easy at the service. The platinum service provided plenty of bandwidth with no slowdowns. Return was just as easy as the pickup. Highly recommended.
Findlay, Ohio
07 September 2017
Diamond WifiBuddy

Portable Wifi
Always reliable and with teenage girls and running an Australian business from Japan they certainly put that to the test! Highly recommend 👍🏻
Abbotsford, New South Wales
06 September 2017
Diamond WifiBuddy

Wifi in Japan
This was the only conpany i found who would deliver to a residential area. This was so helpful as for my first time in Japan it would have been difficult trying to find a post office.. It was easy to use and the connection was great! Also the staff were easy to communicate with and answered emails within minutes. Thank you for making my trip to Japan so much easier!
Northfield, Vermont
06 September 2017
Diamond WifiBuddy

It was great! Thank you!
It was great! Thank you!
Thornhill, Ontario
06 September 2017
Diamond WifiBuddy

Worked great
I was very happy with the hotspot. Worked great and got pretty good battery life.
Kevin I.
West Fargo, North Dakota
06 September 2017
Platinum WifiBuddy

Wouldnt have survived without it
Excelwnt service. Used all across japan for 3 1/2 weeks.
Girraween, New South Wales
06 September 2017
Diamond WifiBuddy

Great with awesome bandwidth throughout the entire country of Japan
Sherwood Park, Alberta
06 September 2017
Platinum WifiBuddy

WifiBuddy worked very well.
We used WifiBuddy for about three weeks and it worked very well. We always had a signal. The battery life was long enough for day trips. And the data volume is so large that you don't have to worry about it with normal use. We would use it again!
Speyer, Rheinland-Pfalz
03 September 2017
Diamond WifiBuddy

Japan Wifi Buddy - never without
I just spent three weeks with my wife in Japan, visiting Tokyo, Kyoto and the Hokkaido and it always worked, helping us to find roads, places to visit and good restaurants. Simple to pick up at the airport and easier to send it back through mail. A service that made our trip much simpler. Highly recommended.
Valenza, Piedmont
31 August 2017
Platinum WifiBuddy

Great service
The wifi buddy was invaluable for us on our trip to Japan. I was travelling with my boyfriend and we rented two Platinum WifiBuddies. One would have been enough in terms of data usage, as we had more than enough leftover at the end and we not being conservative. The only problem we had with the service was the short battery life.
Blacksburg, Virginia
30 August 2017
Platinum WifiBuddy

The wifi buddy worked fine
The wifi buddy worked fine when it had a signal but coverage of WiMAX wasn't as good as LTE and would choose that next time.
Palos Hills, Illinois
24 August 2017
Diamond WifiBuddy

WifiBuddy worked excellent - Nagoya, Tokyo, Kyoto.
Family of three opted for the WifiBuddy to allow multiple devices to connect to the internet. Our devices worked will to connect to onedrive to upload our daily photos. Email, internet and IP phone also worked without issues. Communication with WifiBuddy office also worked extremely well and all our questions were answered prior and during our rental.
Wendy T.
Pickering, Ontario
22 August 2017
Silver WifiBuddy

Worked really well..
Worked really well..
Wellington, Wellington
22 August 2017
Silver WifiBuddy

Good wifi service
I was traveling in Japan for 12 days in both Tokyo and Hokkaido. After doing some research for portable wifi, i decided to order silver package from Japan wifibuddy. The package arrived in hotel on time. They have a spare battery in the package. It's very convenient since we was outside most of out time and we could charge the Wifi when the battery was low. The signal was pretty good (I went to some rural areas in hokkaido but still got the wifi) though sometimes we didn't get wifi signal when traveling on Shinkansen. Overall, I am happy with Wifibuddy service. I will use your service again if I come back to Japan
Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh City
22 August 2017
Platinum WifiBuddy

Super Duper.
Awesome, great service. I would reccommend to a friend.
San Jose, California
20 August 2017
Silver WifiBuddy

Mountain View, California
18 August 2017
Platinum WifiBuddy

Japan Wifi Buddy
Everything worked perfectly fine! Very useful while traveling in Japan.
District de Luxembourg
17 August 2017
Diamond WifiBuddy

Don't be without it!
Super fast and reliable. Had great reception underground. Returning it is as simple as 1-2-3. Great value, too.
San Gabriel, California
17 August 2017
Silver WifiBuddy

Having the portable WiFi from WifiBuddy was really helpful during my trip. I really appreciated it. The device worked well, I always stayed connected no matter what. The battery last approximately 8 hours, so it's reliable. Thank you !
, Chiba
16 August 2017
Diamond WifiBuddy

Best $ever spent!
We used our pocket WiFi to travel all around Tokyo without ever getting lost. Able to find the nearest subway was very important. The device lasted all day and we never needed the extra battery they sent us. The device was waiting for us at the hotel, and we packaged it up and gave it to our hotel to mail back. Best rental ever!
Oceanside, California
14 August 2017
Silver WifiBuddy

Convenient and good
Package was waiting for me at the airport and most of the places had good wifi signal with the occasional slow connection but it was bearable. The customer service was very helpful and quick to respond too. Thumbs up
Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur
11 August 2017
Diamond WifiBuddy

The best way to get Wifi in Japan
The Wifi Buddy work very well, I had wifi almost everywhere I went and for the price, you can't beat it. I will use again for my next trip to Japan.
Marysville, Ohio
07 August 2017
Platinum WifiBuddy

Having the WifiBuddy was a lifesaver for my two weeks of solo travel through Japan. Everything from reservation to use and finally return was easy, straightforward, and never had any issues. The device itself provided fast wifi everywhere throughout Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo. Will definitely use again next time and suggest to friends.
Chicago, Illinois
06 August 2017
Silver WifiBuddy

Silver WifiBuddy Review - 14 days throughout Japan
An extremely friendly and cost effective service. The staff were happy to answer any questions I had. The unit itself was easy to use and an excellent help throughout all of Japan Highly recommended!
Carnes Hill, New South Wales
06 August 2017
Diamond WifiBuddy

Easy and reliable
We used this on recent Hokkaido visit . We had very few periods where the wifi was not in range even around Shiretoko although we did not hike in remote areas for long periods. This was good value and I will definitely use this service again!
Brisbane, Queensland
06 August 2017
Diamond WifiBuddy

Most amazing help ever
It was honestly so helpful. Thank you
Vancouver, British Columbia
06 August 2017
Silver WifiBuddy

Excellent from start to finish
Excellent company. Superior customer service. English speaking staff made things very easy with email and messaging, beginning with our initial contact. Payment was easy via PayPal. Our WifiBuddy was waiting for us at our hotel when we arrived. Nicely packaged along with an extra battery. Easy to return with free mailing envelope which we left with our hotel concierge. The device worked perfectly. We had a fast, reliable connection when we needed it, where we needed it. We do not use a lot of on-the-go internet and the Silver plan was perfect for our needs. Out and about we used Google Translate (which can be hit and miss for the printed word); Google maps (only a few times to search for restaurants in a rural location) - we are old-fashioned and prefer paper maps and getting lost; Hyperdia (the website not the app); and japan-guide.com on Tabimori. Our trips to Japan are 42 days and only once in a long train tunnel were we aware that we were without service. Docomo has good nationwide coverage. Thank you Tre and WifiBuddy for being there when we needed you. We will definitely do business with you again on our next trips.
Clyde H.
Huntington, Vermont
25 July 2017
Platinum WifiBuddy

Great Reliable Device
I was recommended to use the Wi-Fi buddy by my sister-in-law and I was pleasantly surprised on how everything worked out smoothly. We will be going to Japan again next year and will be using your services again
Krystine N.
Makawao, Hawaii
15 April 2017
SilverPlus WifiBuddy

not yet
not yet
Eva T.
Conyers, Georgia
19 March 2017